January 27, 2020
January 27, 2020 Adam Bryant


AB3, Host of The Bryant Land Show, talks with Brian Griffin from Porters Outdoors in McHenry, Illinois in a conversation that focuses on goose and duck hunting. Brian Griffin talks about how he got involved in goose hunting, his involvement with Porters Outdoors, his goose calling abilities, and his experience with competitions


Episode Highlights: 

  • AB3 introduces the guest Brian Griffin.
  • What goes into making Brian Griffin the serious goose hunter that he is?
  • Does he have a relationship with farmers?
  • Brian Griffin talks about the goose call that he uses and his strategy.
  • A lot of Porters Outdoors’ fields are wide open spaces.
  • How do the neighbors feel about them going hunting nearby?
  • How did Brian’s dad influence him into becoming a goose hunter and competing in contests?
  • Does he keep his calling separated for competitions?
  • Brian provides sample goose calls and ducks that he really uses in contests.
  • AB3 and Brian talk about the group that they were goose hunting with.
  • Did he start with a word or a phrase for goose calls?
  • Brian discusses his decoy spread.
  • Where do geese come from and where do they go typically in the United States?
  • Brian talks about the window for duck hunting in Illinois.


3 Key Points:

  1. Brian Griffin has about 17 years of competitive experience.
  2. Brian’s spread for most of the goose season is his 6×12 enclosed trailer with 15 dozen full-bodied DOA decoys.
  3. A lot of times when there is snow on the ground, there are geese in the field and a lot of them go to sleep after they are done eating.