August 12, 2019
August 12, 2019 Adam Bryant


We’ve returned with Jonathan from Black Duck Revival. You may remember him from episode 7. Since then he has been keeping busy both with a newborn, the Black Duck Revival bungalows and creating more delicious recipes from the wild.

This past turkey season Jonathan said he learned patience. He had an opportunity at kill had he remained position for an extra 30 minutes. He has been focused on showing the dexterity in the wild food game. He forages with his family and creates recipes and meals out of what he’s found.


He likes to show food that’s delicious and interesting. He shares some different ideas to forage some food sources like nuts and edible flowers. He believes it’s important to harvest for yourself. It makes you healthier and you have better relationships with others.

Jonathan spends a lot of time in the woods conducting field identification and understanding what the animals are feeding on. If you know where the food source is it means you know where the animals are and that makes you a better hunter. We get deep about what it means to take hunting to the next level. He created a syllabus to help those who are interested in becoming proficient at field craft and woodsman ship.

There is no lack of information. Black Duck Revival is about bringing non-traditional hunters from various backgrounds and from various places in the States. He believes it’s important to gain experiences from people who are not like you.