August 5, 2019
August 5, 2019 Adam Bryant


We are back with part two of Cornelius Newton also known as Fred Newton. If you missed the first part of this episode feel free to check it out here.He is an outdoors man who loves to hunt, fish, and ride four wheelers.

He is the founder of Southern Attraction Mudslangers and Southern Attraction Huntin’. He’s also a member of the New Show South Arkansas Wild. But not only does Fred put together some epic ATV rides he also hosts bow hunting tournaments.

He loves getting people together to eat and enjoy themselves. Fred has been hosting bow hunting tournaments for the past 10 years. However, he doesn’t make it easy for the winners. The winners win trophies and hunting related prizes. Check out his next bow hunting tournament which is scheduled for September 22, 2019 at Strong, Arkansas.

In this episode we explore which feeders work the best. Gravity feeders are Fred’s favorite. We discuss some different kinds of feeders like open top and trough feeders. Now we all know raccoons and other pesky varmints who eat the food from the feeders and there’s a trick that you can use to keep them out. Because they will destroy your feeder.

The trick is to use grease and vaseline, find out how you can use this trick to keep the varmints out. Now, do you barbecue and grill raccoons? It’s a thing, a very popular thing. We talk about raccoons and how popular they are to catch and cook.