August 26, 2019
August 26, 2019 Adam Bryant


AB3, and Host of The Bryant Land Country Podcast, your place for everything and anything in hunting, fishing, sports, and does a shared podcast. He is interviewed by Pamela Smith, LPC Mental Health Professional for her show the It’s All Mental podcast. Pamela Smith works with women and couples assisting them in dealing with relationship issues. During the interview, AB3  shares how he got involved in outdoor sports, a few basic hunting regulations, and personal experiences he has encountered.


Episode Highlights:

  • AB3 shares with Pamela how he got involved in outdoor activities.
  • What was involved in Adam’s first hunting experience?
  • Was Adam ever hunted by animals while he was hunting?
  • When is trapping season?
  • Does Adam consume everything that he hunts?
  • Are there are a lot of women and black women that he sees involved in hunting and outdoor activities?
  • What was the progression that pushed AB3 towards hunting?
  • Does Adam believe that animals’ survival instincts are similar to humans?
  • Pamela Smith shares what she likes to do most when it comes to the outdoors.
  • How do couples tend to compromise when they like different outdoor sports?
  • When do the key hunting seasons happen?
  • Does the phrase “in a rut” have a connection to hunting?
  • How do male deer and male turkeys get distracted by females?
  • Can you hunt animals and provide the meat to programs for the homeless?


3 Key Points:

  1. You can hunt hogs year-around because they are typically considered a nuisance.
  2. South Carolina has the earliest deer season.
  3. Duck seasons are generally from October to December or November to January.