January 14, 2020
January 14, 2020 Adam Bryant


AB3, Host of The Bryant Land Show, talks with Ken Owensby, a bowhunter who talks about his experience with deer hunting and how he got involved in it. Ken also shares information about making his own steaks, turkey, sausage, and deer jerky, various outings with bowhunting, Whisker Biscuits, his processing after killing deer, and what his family reactions are to his hunting.


Episode Highlights: 

  • AB3 introduces the new show changes and guest Ken Owensby.
  • Ken Owensby talks about how his deer season has been.
  • Ken Owensby explains being 40 feet off the ground while hunting.
  • AB3 talks about a strange encounter he had with a deer.
  • Ken discusses about a deer stomping while he was on top of a pine tree.
  • Has Ken Owensby been hunting his whole life?
  • AB3 and Ken talk about their biggest thrills of hunting.
  • Why does Ken Owensby love his Whisker Biscuit?
  • What is the furthest distance that Ken has killed a deer from?
  • Is he involved in doing his own processing after hunting?
  • Which foods does Ken like to prepare himself?
  • How does Ken’s and AB3’s family feel about eating the food that they kill?
  • Ken Owensby talks about how he came to enjoy eating deer heart.
  • What other family members come out hunting with Ken?
  • Ken does 90% of his hunting on public land.
  • What are Ken’s goals with KLO Outdoors?


3 Key Points:

  1. Whisker BIscuit holds your arrow in place but some people think you lose your speed or it can freeze in low temperatures.
  2. Ken Owensby says that the furthest that he has killed a deer is 52 yards.
  3. Onions are a useful neutralizer for masking the strong taste in meat.