October 7, 2020
October 7, 2020 Adam Bryant


Episode 91

Josh Crumpton: The Sporting Diversity Road Tour


AB3 once again welcomes Josh Crumpton, founder of Spoke Hollow Outfitters. Following the death of George Floyd and amid the issue of racism that America was then forced to contend with, Josh and a friend had the idea to sponsor a road trip to “lead by example” in promoting diversity across America. 30 participants and 20 sponsors (and counting) later, the Sporting Diversity Road Tour 2020 is underway.


Listen in as AB3 and Josh discuss how he intends to “make noise” through the Sporting Diversity Road trip in order to promote diversity, inclusion, and conservation while celebrating all that the outdoors has to offer.


Episode Highlights

  • Josh’s itinerary for the Sporting Diversity Road Tour
  • A primer on camping on Bureau of Land Management (public) land
  • Discussing diversity on the trail and how the Sporting Diversity Tour came to be
  • What first-time fly fishers need to know before starting

Three Key Points

  • It has taken a horrible incident that is George Floyd’s death to ignite the much-needed conversation around racism in America; but it doesn’t take much for individuals to do their part in addressing this issue. The idea for the Sporting Diversity Tour was planted during a conversation with a friend over beers following Blackout Tuesday, and this idea eventually snowballed into the official, exciting initiative that is taking place today.
  • The best teachers are not necessarily the best at their craft (and vice versa). But that doesn’t matter. An instructor’s job is to guide and inspire others to become the best they can be in what they’re teaching them to do.
  • When the traditional marketing machine targets a specific demographic for decades, it naturally leads to the exclusion of others who don’t look like that target market. For the diverse population, hunting in America has always been presented as a white man’s activity. To give more people of both genders and all racial backgrounds the confidence to take part in this world, the diverse community as a whole must get together and have these important conversations which, eventually, will overpower the mainstream message.