October 29, 2020
October 29, 2020 Adam Bryant


Today, AB3 sits down with Jared Larsen of OnX Hunt to discuss a wide variety of topics, from the magic of TechnoHUNT, to the unique hunting culture of Wisconsin, to hard truths regarding how to sharpen your skills as a hunter, to how the OnX Hunt app is the best tool available to the beginning hunter.


Episode Highlights

  • How TechnoHunt can help elevate your skills
  • Bow versus rifle hunting
  • Achieving mastery as a hunter by doing your time in the woodsand failing fast
  • Why waterfowlers are a completely different breed of hunter
  • Jared’s favorite features on the OnX Hunt app
  • The benefits of OnX’s Offroad app

3 Key Points


  • When you pick up a bow to go archery hunting, accept the fact that something, sometime is going to go wrong. No hunter in their right mind enjoys maiming an animal or watching it suffer, but no amount of training will completely eliminate the chances of you taking the wrong shot at some point in your hunting career.
  • The “last frontier” of being a hunter is actually taking the shot. Before getting to that point, you have to build up the skills and the woodsmanship you need to be able to find your animals in the first place. AB3 notes that “even trail cameras only tell a quarter of the story.” Nothing is guaranteed; not even if you do food plotting or set bait. Reading books and surfing hunting forums all day ain’t going to cut it. You need to do your time in the woodsand fail fastto sharpen your skills and increase your affinity with the natural environment around you.
  • If you’re looking to explore the OnX Hunt app, consider these highly praised features by OnX Hunt marketing specialist Jared: the ability to share waypointsto fellow hunters who are looking to enter your neck of the woods at different points in time; as well as the tracker featureto mark trees and make sure that, when heading to your stand, your entrance and exit strategies are on point. There is no better tool for the beginning hunter to understand where they can legally hunt and recreate outdoors than the Hunt app. “It takes the uncomfortability out of hunting,” notes Jared.