October 9, 2019
October 9, 2019 Adam Bryant


AB3, Host of The Bryant Land Country Podcast, interviews JA Caldwell, landscaper by trade, that AB3 calls ‘one of the most underrated deer hunters in the state of South Carolina.’ JA Caldwell talks about the mix of his landscaping business, comedy and deer hunting, using tree stands, and what resources he prefers to use for deer hunting.


Episode Highlights:

  • AB3 talks about some health challenges he has recently faced.
  • AB3 introduces JA Caldwell, a South Carolina-based deer hunter.
  • AB3 talks about his landscaping work.
  • Does landscaping help with deer hunting?
  • What is JA’s experience climbing for deer hunting?
  • What are JA’s preferences with positioning himself when hunting deer?
  • What type of climber does AB3 use?
  • What is the Tree Lounge Tree Stand?
  • What happened to the company that sells the Tree Lounge Tree Stand?
  • Is JA Caldwell a crossbow or a compound guy?
  • AB3 talks about the Facebook hunting groups he is in.
  • JA Caldwell discusses the areas where he goes doe hunting.
  • What is JA’s hunting strategies?
  • What is JA’s take on using golf carts for hunting?
  • How did JA get involved in hunting?
  • Adam is the most excited for this upcoming deer season that he has ever had.
  • JA has not been into duck hunting?
  • How has JA’s turkey season been?
  • What type of rifles does JA Caldwell use?
  • Does JA still do comedy?
  • How was JA’s trip like in Aruba?


3 Key Points:

  1. Be more purposeful with your resources to get the results you want.
  2. When JA Caldwell hunts in a blind, it gets darker quicker, so he would rather hunt in the morning or afternoon to take advantage of the daylight.
  3. Corn and supplemental feed will keep a nice population of does around your property.