May 31, 2019
May 31, 2019 Adam Bryant


Lance Krueger is one of the top Whitetail Deer photographers in the world. He’s s a full-time professional photographer and outdoor writer who travels extensively photographing wildlife, hunting and fishing scenes throughout North America.

Lance’s extensive photographic coverage of the Whitetail Deer for over 25 years includes more States and provinces than any other professional photographer, and he has photographically captured Whitetail Deer doing in their habitats.

Lance has had thousands of his photos appear on the covers and inside most of the national hunting and fishing magazines as well as articles. But he also writes for books and magazines. His photos are a mainstay on the covers for the top hunting and fishing magazines.

These household names include Field & Stream, and Outdoor Life. Lance’s photos have also appeared nationally and internationally in books, calendars, brochures, advertisements, websites, apparel, catalogs, products, packaging, artist renderings, and even billboards for some of the top companies around the world, which you can see a list of here.

People always ask him how does he get so close to the deer. Well, it’s not from purchasing products like deer scent or anything like that because there’s no magic pill to it. Although, some things may help. However, if you want to come as close as he does to a deer, then you’ll have to put the time in the woods––sitting and waiting in the blind.

This is the best way to learn about deer movements. For instance, you can learn about their behavioral patterns, how old they are and a host of things that will help you to become a better hunter. Even when you’re scouting, use every opportunity you can.

Lance believes you can condition deer over time through constant human interactions. He shares a lot of tips on how to do that.

For our new hunters, we go in-depth about aging deer on the huff. I bet you’re wondering, what that is? It’s the way in which you can tell how old a deer is. Well, did you know the older a deer gets the more angled the brisket will be? Lance does a great job breaking it down for us.

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