June 3, 2019
June 3, 2019 Adam Bryant


We are on part two of episode 21 with Lance Krueger. In this episode we dive even deeper into some of the techniques that he uses to capture his wildlife photos, cameras, sitting in the blinds and family life.

However, in the last episode we discuss how Lance got into wildlife photography and created a name for himself in some of the top wildlife and hunting magazines on the market. Household names include Field & Stream, and Outdoor Life.

Today, Lance shares in detail the the types of cameras he uses to photograph the animals. He provides some tips that could save you thousands and thousands of dollars on camera equipment.

We then spend an incredible amount of time discussing how he sits in the blinds to capture those up and personal shots. If you remember (last episode) we talked about understanding the behaviors of the deer.

Clearly, a lot of patience is needed. This process is not for people who have difficulties with delaying instant gratification. Lance sits in the blind for hours and sets up his cameras for days so that the deer become comfortable enough with having them around that they let their guard down. This allows him to take incredible shots.

One thing’s for sure, Lance recommends not using camouflage for inside of the blind and outside of it. The idea is to eliminate movement not create it because this allows you get even closer to your prey. He tells us exactly what we should wear when we’re sitting in the blinds.

Lastly, Lance created a lifestyle for himself and his family that most of us would dream to have. He has been fortunate enough to share his passion with his family and he tells us how he was able to do that unconventionally.