October 21, 2020
October 21, 2020 Adam Bryant


Episode 92: “Hunting Gadgets”


Now more than ever, there are a ton of bow hunting gadgets available on the market. While AB3 tells us that he’s all about staying cutting edge, by the same token, he’s a firm believer in packing light. Today, he talks about the two gadgets that he never leaves home and goes into the woods without.


Episode Highlights

  • Finding a system that works for you
  • The many benefits of bringing your phone with you in the woods
  • How rangefinders save you time during hunting season
  • Gadgetsversus equipment

Two Essential Gadgets to Bring on Your Hunt


  1. Cellphone. Besides the obvious benefit of being able to stay in touch with the rest of the world, particularly in the case of an emergency, having a cellphone with you in the woods also allows you to check useful tools such as a compass and flashlight, and apps for deer forecasting, weather, and mapping (AB3 personally uses the onX Hunt App).
  2. Rangefinder. Traditional bowhunters tend to do without one; but AB3 prefers the accuracy of a good rangefinder, and to him, it’s a lifesaver. Deer, after all, are particularly unpredictable animals. AB3 ranges areas, and as long as a deer shows up within range of that area, his bow will be ready.