July 1, 2019
July 1, 2019 Adam Bryant


This week on the Bryant Land Country Podcast AB3 will reflect on his first hunting experience. Back in October of 2015 he went on a hog hunt in South Georgia. They ran the dogs on this hunt and he used a bow. Hog hunting with dogs is a full out adrenaline rush. Things start out quiet in these hunts but once the dogs get on a hog, its on! So listen to AB3 as he recaps that.

Also AB3 get’s into his work trip to Detroit for baseball. He his back on the grind for a small stretch and goes into detail about that.

Last thing covered in this episode is a quick commentary about last weeks episode with Patrick Durkin. The feedback we received was mostly positive. And why a lot of folks didn’t necessary agree with him or Patrick at least they were respectful.

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We enjoy sharing tips and resources with all of you so please keep them coming. As I stated before I want this to be place where you, my audience gets involved in the conversation.

Last thing…

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