December 17, 2019
December 17, 2019 Adam Bryant


AB3, host of The Bryant Land Country Podcast, talks with Christopher Joe, deer and turkey hunter, owner of a guided birding tour operation, and fourth generation angus beef farmer from the state of Alabama. Christopher Joe talks about his interest in birding and setting up guided bird tours, how influential his own father was in his interest in agriculture, and he also walks us through his video creation process.


Episode Highlights:

  • AB3 introduces guest Christopher Joe.
  • Christopher Joe addresses ‘the rut’ situation in Alabama.
  • How has he kept his YouTube channel alive and avoided getting burned out?
  • What is Christopher’s Joe’s educational background and day job?
  • What is his process for creating and putting out videos?
  • AB3 and Chistopher Joe talk about the impact of knowing people are responding to their content.
  • Christopher Joe talks about being a fourth generation angus beef farmer.
  • How did Christopher get interested in genealogy?
  • How did Christopher become involved in birds?
  • What is next for Christopher Joe?
  • What advice does Christopher Joe have for those interested in agriculture and hunting?


3 Key Points:

  1. Christopher Joe uses a Google Pixel cell phone to shoot his videos and an editing app to do his videos.
  2. A person can only tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Don’t worry about people judging you.
  3. Christopher Joe does 6 miles of birding trails and a guided tour.