September 25, 2020
September 25, 2020 Adam Bryant


AB3, Host of The Bryant Land Show, interviews Charlena McNeil, known as The Huntress Woods, is a self-taught hunter in the state of Georgia. Charlena McNeil discusses how her passion for hunting has grown, hog hunting, her favorite rifles, how to deal with snakes, and how high up she likes to hunt.


Episode Highlights: 

  • onX Hunt, a sponsor of The Bryant Land Show, is a mapping technology app that helps you in the field to mark your stands, trail cameras, and trees you plan to climb.
  • Deer season has begun in the state of Georgia.
  • AB3 introduces Charlena McNeil who explains the origin of her name and hunting lifestyle.
  • Does she have any desire to start her own guide service in Georgia?
  • How does Charlena McNeil approach hog hunting?
  • Charlena is a self-taught hunter and hasn’t used a bow yet.
  • What are her favorite rifles and what fostered her interest in rifles?
  • Charlena talks about the outdoor interest of her children.
  • What was Charlena’s background like?
  • Why does Charlena enjoy hunting alone?
  • Charlena and AB3 have a conversation about snakes.
  • What is her typical hunting height?
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3 Key Points:

  1. Charlena McNeil’s biggest hog kill up to this point has been 150 lbs.
  2. Charlena draws hogs in with a 40-50 lb bag of apple corn.
  3. Make sure when you are in the woods you watch your feet for snakes and wear snake boots.