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AB3, Host of The Bryant Land Country Podcast, talks to Cliff Cadet, Founder of Urban Archery NYC, from Queens, New York. Cliff returns after appearing on episode 13 of The Bryant Land Country Podcast, discussing a recent hunting trip with his cousin, shooting videos, valuable tips he has learned along the way, and building up his brand Urban Archery NYC.


Episode Highlights:

  • AB3 answers questions from listeners.
  • AB3 introduces Cliff Cadet from Urban Archery NYC.
  • Cliff Cadet talks about shooting videos.
  • Cliff discusses cautiously using a climber.
  • What was Cliff’s experience like doe hunting with his cousin?
  • How was his cousin doing when things got frustrating?
  • When is the best time to come down from your morning sit in the forest?
  • When is the next time Cliff is going back hunting?
  • What are things Cliff has recently learned about hunting?
  • Failure is just a stepping stone.
  • How has Cliff Cadet been building up his brand Urban Archery NYC?
  • What changes would Cliff Cadet like to see happen in the hunting industry?
  • What has one of the greatest things that Cliff has experienced since joining the hunting community?


3 Key Points:

  1. Squirrels may be little by they can make a big noise when you are hunting.
  2. Move with the purpose to avoid rustling leaves and so you can move in the right direction while hunting.
  3. A bad day in the woods is better than a good day at work.


AB3, Host of The Bryant Land Country Podcast, interviews JA Caldwell, landscaper by trade, that AB3 calls ‘one of the most underrated deer hunters in the state of South Carolina.’ JA Caldwell talks about the mix of his landscaping business, comedy and deer hunting, using tree stands, and what resources he prefers to use for deer hunting.


Episode Highlights:

  • AB3 talks about some health challenges he has recently faced.
  • AB3 introduces JA Caldwell, a South Carolina-based deer hunter.
  • AB3 talks about his landscaping work.
  • Does landscaping help with deer hunting?
  • What is JA’s experience climbing for deer hunting?
  • What are JA’s preferences with positioning himself when hunting deer?
  • What type of climber does AB3 use?
  • What is the Tree Lounge Tree Stand?
  • What happened to the company that sells the Tree Lounge Tree Stand?
  • Is JA Caldwell a crossbow or a compound guy?
  • AB3 talks about the Facebook hunting groups he is in.
  • JA Caldwell discusses the areas where he goes doe hunting.
  • What is JA’s hunting strategies?
  • What is JA’s take on using golf carts for hunting?
  • How did JA get involved in hunting?
  • Adam is the most excited for this upcoming deer season that he has ever had.
  • JA has not been into duck hunting?
  • How has JA’s turkey season been?
  • What type of rifles does JA Caldwell use?
  • Does JA still do comedy?
  • How was JA’s trip like in Aruba?


3 Key Points:

  1. Be more purposeful with your resources to get the results you want.
  2. When JA Caldwell hunts in a blind, it gets darker quicker, so he would rather hunt in the morning or afternoon to take advantage of the daylight.
  3. Corn and supplemental feed will keep a nice population of does around your property.


AB3, Host of The Bryant Land Country Podcast, your place for everything and anything in hunting, fishing, and sports, talks about deer blinds and duck stamps, what the advantages of both of them are, as well as his personal experiences hunting geese and going out hunting with an outfitter.


Episode Highlights:

  • AB3 talks about his love for the sport of wrestling.
  • AB3 discusses deer season and wanting to purchase a climber.
  • What is a federal duck stamp?
  • What was Adam’s experience like hunting geese in Illinois?
  • Adam talks about the advantages of going out with an outfitter.
  • What are Adam’s feelings about traveling on airplanes?
  • Where are some of the different out-of-state experiences that AB3 has had?
  • Adam likes to hunt alligators, deer, geese, ducks, hogs, and turkeys.


3 Key Points:

  1. AB3 got his federal duck stamp.
  2. The federal duck stamp is required to hunt water file ducks and geese, and lets you hunt anywhere in the country.
  3. Make time to do your proper scouting and go out with an outfitter for geese and ducks.


AB3, Host of The Bryant Land Country Podcast, talks about what he does to get prepared for deer season, what type of work is required, and the process of deer hunting and planting food seeds.


Episode Highlights:

  •  (AB3) talks about the positive feedback he received for Episode 36.
  • What are things that AB3 does to get ready for deer season?
  • AB3’s kids hunt with him as a form of bonding time.
  • AB3 is considering some squirrel hunts in between deer hunting.
  • How did AB3 approach his first hunting season?
  • Make sure your land is properly fertilized.
  • What were the results of the Warner seeds from South Carolina that Adam Bryant III used?
  • What are the different foods that Adam plants seeds for?
  • Adam named his bow Bruiser Brody after a former wrestler.


3 Key Points:

  1. Deer hunting has a lot of pre-season work.
  2. There is peace and calm on AB3’s property.
  3. Trial and error has taught AB3 that the food plot game is a lot of work.


AB3, Host of The Bryant Land Country Podcast, your place for everything and anything in hunting, fishing, sports, interviews Rain and Mr. Knockout who are a married couple that hunts in South Carolina. They share how they met each other with Rain being from South Carolina and Mr. Knockout being from Queens. They also discuss their deer hunting experiences and which types of equipment that they utilize.

Episode Highlights:

  • AB3 shares a story about a buffalo that killed a hunter in Africa.
  • With Rain from South Carolina and Jason from Queens New York get together?
  • Rain’s first hunting experience and talks about deer season?
  • Does she hunt rabbits with dogs?
  • What is their raccoon hunting strategy?    
  • How did Jason get involved in hunting?
  • What kind of compound rifle does Mr. Knockout hunt with and what is his comfort range?    
  • What kind of release is Mr. Knockout working with?
  • When is deer season open for them and how is their food plot coming along?
  • Rain talks about hunting from trees and ground blinds.
  • Mr. Knockout discusses using the climber.
  • What types of partnerships have Rain and Mr. Knockout gotten?
  • They talk about their entertaining Instagram videos.     
  • What is next for Rain Outdoors?
  • Are they ready for deer season?
  • Once deer season is over, what will they do next?

3 Key Points:

  1. Deer Season opens Monday, September 16th for Rain and Mr. Knockout in South Carolina.
  2. Rain and Mr. Knockout got a pro staff partnership with SpyPoint and Tactacam.
  3. They will be hunting from two properties this year with three cameras on one and two cameras on another.


AB3, Host of The Bryant Land Country Podcast, your place for everything and anything in hunting, fishing, sports, interviews Amber Smith who works for Pandora about her experiences fishing at ATV riding in the Caribbean. AB3 and Amber Smith met initially at the 2019 Podcast Movement convention in Orlando, Florida.


Episode Highlights:


  • AB3 shares feedback he received from a listener.
  • Amber Smith is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and shares fishing stories.
  • Adam talks about fishing with his kids.
  • How did Amber cook the fish?
  • Did Amber go fishing other times after that first trip?    
  • Amber talks about her Caribbean ATV experience.
  • What is the farthest Amber has hiked?
  • What does hunting do for AB3?
  • Adam shares advice about hunting deer and turkeys.


3 Key Points:

  1. Fishing connects you to nature and connects you to your ancestors.
  2. Amber says that the taste of a fish that you caught tastes ‘10 times better’ because you caught that.
  3. Make a ‘mental landmark’ to help you find your way back in case you get lost.


AB3, and Host of The Bryant Land Country Podcast, your place for everything and anything in hunting, fishing, sports, and does a shared podcast. He is interviewed by Pamela Smith, LPC Mental Health Professional for her show the It’s All Mental podcast. Pamela Smith works with women and couples assisting them in dealing with relationship issues. During the interview, AB3  shares how he got involved in outdoor sports, a few basic hunting regulations, and personal experiences he has encountered.


Episode Highlights:

  • AB3 shares with Pamela how he got involved in outdoor activities.
  • What was involved in Adam’s first hunting experience?
  • Was Adam ever hunted by animals while he was hunting?
  • When is trapping season?
  • Does Adam consume everything that he hunts?
  • Are there are a lot of women and black women that he sees involved in hunting and outdoor activities?
  • What was the progression that pushed AB3 towards hunting?
  • Does Adam believe that animals’ survival instincts are similar to humans?
  • Pamela Smith shares what she likes to do most when it comes to the outdoors.
  • How do couples tend to compromise when they like different outdoor sports?
  • When do the key hunting seasons happen?
  • Does the phrase “in a rut” have a connection to hunting?
  • How do male deer and male turkeys get distracted by females?
  • Can you hunt animals and provide the meat to programs for the homeless?


3 Key Points:

  1. You can hunt hogs year-around because they are typically considered a nuisance.
  2. South Carolina has the earliest deer season.
  3. Duck seasons are generally from October to December or November to January.


We’ve returned with Jonathan from Black Duck Revival. You may remember him from episode 7. Since then he has been keeping busy both with a newborn, the Black Duck Revival bungalows and creating more delicious recipes from the wild.

This past turkey season Jonathan said he learned patience. He had an opportunity at kill had he remained position for an extra 30 minutes. He has been focused on showing the dexterity in the wild food game. He forages with his family and creates recipes and meals out of what he’s found.


He likes to show food that’s delicious and interesting. He shares some different ideas to forage some food sources like nuts and edible flowers. He believes it’s important to harvest for yourself. It makes you healthier and you have better relationships with others.

Jonathan spends a lot of time in the woods conducting field identification and understanding what the animals are feeding on. If you know where the food source is it means you know where the animals are and that makes you a better hunter. We get deep about what it means to take hunting to the next level. He created a syllabus to help those who are interested in becoming proficient at field craft and woodsman ship.

There is no lack of information. Black Duck Revival is about bringing non-traditional hunters from various backgrounds and from various places in the States. He believes it’s important to gain experiences from people who are not like you.


We are back with part two of Cornelius Newton also known as Fred Newton. If you missed the first part of this episode feel free to check it out here.He is an outdoors man who loves to hunt, fish, and ride four wheelers.

He is the founder of Southern Attraction Mudslangers and Southern Attraction Huntin’. He’s also a member of the New Show South Arkansas Wild. But not only does Fred put together some epic ATV rides he also hosts bow hunting tournaments.

He loves getting people together to eat and enjoy themselves. Fred has been hosting bow hunting tournaments for the past 10 years. However, he doesn’t make it easy for the winners. The winners win trophies and hunting related prizes. Check out his next bow hunting tournament which is scheduled for September 22, 2019 at Strong, Arkansas.

In this episode we explore which feeders work the best. Gravity feeders are Fred’s favorite. We discuss some different kinds of feeders like open top and trough feeders. Now we all know raccoons and other pesky varmints who eat the food from the feeders and there’s a trick that you can use to keep them out. Because they will destroy your feeder.

The trick is to use grease and vaseline, find out how you can use this trick to keep the varmints out. Now, do you barbecue and grill raccoons? It’s a thing, a very popular thing. We talk about raccoons and how popular they are to catch and cook.