June 17, 2019
June 17, 2019 Adam Bryant


This week our conversation is with YouTuber and hunter DJ Jones. We spend some time talking about his transition into and out of playing football at the college level. When his football career ended abruptly, he found more time for hunting.

Being an outdoorsman is a family tradition for DJ. His uncle used to take him hunting unbeknownst to his father. He fell in love with hunting. But he mostly grew up deer dog hunting in Florida and then later was introduced to hog hunting.

He harvested his first buck in Minnesota. This buck weighed about 189 lbs with 9 scorable points. DJ shoots his own hunting videos in which he published on his social media channel BlackBillOutdoors. The recovery of that buck gained over 10,000 views on YouTube. As a result of his social media presence he is now an ambassador for the Legendary Whitetails.

We spend some time discussing the adjustment from living in Florida to Minnesota. The rules of hunting in MN are much different than FL. DJ also shares with us why hunting on public land isn’t his favorite option. He’s excited to travel to more states to hunt more species specifically the black bear and mule deer.

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